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Subject:lub dub
Time:09:33 am

All music videos from now on until forever can just be dancing that makes me want to cry, thankyouverymuch.

I feel as though I have fully escaped the ocean of illness. My time is spent doing as opposed to staring. I am making golden animals for the play. I am also making a troupe of dancing briars and I'm excited about that. I am going to play with using foam and incorportaing a trick to allow the dancers to make roses appear. Gideon is in the dance, so I have all the info I need plus a willing(?) model.

Mat and I have decided that Friday the 13th is much more our speed than Valentine's, so we'll go to breakfast tomorrow and maybe do some thrifting. We might try to find Dracula Untold to watch (I expect it to be awful, but that is ok). Saturday we'll have a house full of boys. Maybe we'll make our own pizzas and watch Goonies.

I have been trying to wrap up a quick sewing job before a big exciting painting job, but I'm out of practice and ugh, knits. My machine is also awful. I have my MIL's here but got annoyed with it and put it away. I think I have to try it again.

I continue to giggle over Mat and Kat dolls. I want to get them iPhones, but I need to make sure they don't neglect their together time. Also, shoes.

Happy Thursday.
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Subject:this earthly vessel
Time:11:34 am
So, I succumbed. On Tuesday of last week I was walloped by the flu. I had one *awful* night and a few days of achy exhaustion. I felt much better this weekend, but I somehow strained my lower back yesterday, so I'm nursing that a bit now. Generally, I'm just feeling like my body is not cooperating and that has me a bit low, but I think it is all the same viral annoyance.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

I cancelled my costume meeting last week, so that's back on for tomorrow. The boys have 3 half days this week and Friday we have a report card conference for Toby. Valentine's day is Saturday, we have one of Gid's friends staying with us for the weekend, and the boys have a 3 day weekend. We are also currently watching MIL's dog while she is in Florida with new boyfriend. Sadie is easy, so we don't really mind, but goddamn, how do people live with short haired animals?? She was stinky and obviously a bit dirty, so Mat gave her a bath and that made the shedding worse for a bit, but I think it leveled out. We just have to vacuum a million times and I keep telling the boys to stay off of the living room floor. It's only until tomorrow. Toby loves to take her for walks, so that's cute. I really want to take a picture of her with Vincent, but Vincent isn't sure he wants to get too close. Sadie does no react to him at all, so he's been testing out how close he can get while she is sleeping, but man, I want them to cuddle.

Anyway, I did finally take these pictures of us dolls! I have to tame Mat doll's hair a bit and I might actually blush them some more? I do have to make me some more clothes. They're funny.

Mat & Kat

UsCollapse )
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Time:11:51 am

  • I need to start getting up earlier. Mornings are a bit too rushed for my liking and I just wanna sleeep moooore no matter when the alarm goes off. Better to think I can catch another half hour of snoozing at 6AM rather than 6:30.

  • I adore my kids, but one thing they are absolutely incapable of is rushing. Once you tell them to hurry up, it's like you asked them to pretend they are moving in slow motion.

  • This my belated Christmas gift from Mat, a gorgeous Blood Milk necklace made with cast owl talons and mouse bones. *love*

  • Cast owl talons and mouse bones 😍 Thank you Mat for my gorgeous @bloodmilk necklace!

  • Hey alright! NYT names Philadelphia #3 in the top 52 places to visit in 2015. We're right behind Cuba(?) and ahead of Yellowstone. We want to road trip to Yellowstone. Guess we have the right idea.

  • Hilarious. Skeleton dollies anonymous, indeed

  • People are freaking out over this video and I think that is stupid. I love it. I also love this whole album from Sia.

  • Mat had the great idea to move Gid's drums to the basement since we've been incapapble of figuring out how they will fit into his future bedroom without meaning he will be living with just DRUMS and a bed. This means we have a lot more work to do, but it needs to be done. Our basement is a creepy old nightmare! He'd actually love playing down there and it makes the most sense for sound insulation.

  • Nobody puts baby in the corner.

  • Still in love

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Time:10:22 am
I am cold. I just want to sit and huddle and think about being cold. But I've got to get things done. I've gotta host a party tomorrow! We made it just a Friday night dessert family party to keep it short because this crowd gets antsy quick. They don't like to linger in our wee house. Mat's brothers are very tall and always in a hurry to go somewhere else to drink beer. Or something.

I'm going on a neat date! A one man production of Frankenstein in the Mütter Museum! It is going to be amazing no matter what becuase we'll see parts of the museum I haven't been to before. Also because it's a date.

Favorite doll

So, this wee thing, Baby soldier Gaikochu, is my new favorite thing ever. He is made in super small runs so I have been stalking the seller on IG and was able to score both a glow in the dark(!!) one and a cream one. (I ordered him on my Birthday! He arrived on xmas eve!) I lightly customized my GID one to look more like Lemon and the pair of them make me very happy. I think his name is Basil. I do sort of want other colors now though. I also need to take more pictures of my dollhouse...

Baby soldier Gaikochu! 😍 @skulltulala #skulltula #gaikochu #sofubi 💡💡

#studiouoo #lampenico #bonewalker #lemontheskeleton #skulltula #gaikochu #sofubi Even better 😍😍😍 #gaikochu #skulltula

bleodswean We also now have 4 pose skeletons and the dog and the coffin set. XD I want to dress them and let them live in the monster house.  Some might have to be servants. I have a problem. (skeleton doll hoarders anonymous)

I hope you are well. What's for dinner?? I should put something in the crock pot but I don't want to go shopping. It feels like -5 out there.
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Subject:it is cold
Time:12:26 pm

I sort of want a Klaus Nomi doll.
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Subject:Feeling Friday
Time:04:50 pm

  • I have been sick. Sick sick sick. I actually think it was the flu. I feel better today, meaning I have not been slumped on the couch at any point.

  • It's cold! I like it. Long coat, scarf, gloves. Yes yes yes. It is not fun to also have a runny nose and be sleeepy, but I'll take it. It went from 65 to 35 this week. Ok.

  • My hair is having an identity crisis still. I think it'll be ok. I have realized that I do not want bangs and that is HUGE for me. Curly curls and center part are sort of where I'm going. Think Amy Irving in Carrie. I'm at that length right now, even though I always imagine longer will be better. Then my hair gets big and then scraggly and then I do not think so anymore.

  • This means I need to keep my brows on point.

  • Do you curl your lashes? You should. I didn't know that until a year ago.

  • I need new boots. I wear my shoes until they crumble. My problem is that I need a few pairs of boots to satisfy all of my boot wants but I am cheap and want one cheap pair to be them all. I might get these or these. I want these but they can't be the one boot. Maybe they will be a gift for me later.

  • This weekend is Matty's birthday. He's my favorite person in the whole world, but that boy will NEVER give you a straight answer if you ask him what he wants to do. I hate guessing because I feel like "I want to see people/go somewhere/ do nothing" are the options and they are quite different.

  • I have to clean, regardless.

  • I finished the crocodile! He's going in to rehearse with it next week. We'll see what she says. I hope it's not too big, but it sure is funny on tiny Toby.

  • Big Hero 6 was pretty great. It was wonderfully full of science and people getting really excited about science.

  • I want to see Birdman.

  • Did anyone else watch Over the Garden Wall? IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. Watch it this weekend and come back to talk to me about because ugh. I loved it. Wirt and Greg are Gideon and Toby.

  • I dunno what else. Happy weekend!

  • 😍

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Subject:Neat TV alert!
Time:12:49 pm
Over the Garden Wall is a miniseries airing every night this week on Cartoon Network, it is also on iTunes and on the CN website. We watched the first 2 chapters last night and were absolutely delighted by it -- the music and art and voices are incredible. (Each episode is only 11 minutes long.) It is silly and creepy and moody, perfect post Halloween viewing.

over garden
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Time:03:29 pm

We had a wonderful Halloween. It's always such a whirlwind, trying to make all of the things and doo all ofthe things and watch all of the movies. I think I was much more relaxed this year, but this past week did get nutty. I was sort of terrible at managing all of my pre party time, but the important things got done. Like the boys' costumes!

✨Doctor Who ✨ #tobyisalwaysincostume #doctorwho #Halloweencostume

Toby's was the 10th Doctor! Everything was store-bought so that was easy. (He's already worn the heck out of that suit) I made him a Tardis trick-or-treat box becuase I had a really hard time not making him anything.) I found the idea online but theirs used rigid felt which my craft store was all out of, so I covered a small box with layers of regular felt inside and out instead. I wanted it to be sturdy because they always get a serious haul and I'm sure he's going to want to keep it after Halloween. I'm happy to report it totally held up! It may have helped some people ID him too, even though he did get a few "are you Harry Potter?" questions. He wanted me to cut his hair to look more like David Tennant's and was so happy with it being "up" all day that he wanted it styled again on Saturday. He's gonna be an insufferable teenager.

💀skeleton Knight💀 @ninjachicken03

#doctorwho #skeleton #skeletonknightgideon #Halloweencostume

Gideon's was a skeleton knight!  It was totally his idea, and I left the construction up to him and Mat. We started with a store-bought costume and Mat built fun foam armor to wear over it. Gideon had the idea to make it look like he had been run through with a sword, so we cut one of their old toy foam swords in half and attached it in the front and the back. After everything was put together, shaped with heat and fitted, Mat sealed the foam with white glue and water and then used rub n' buff to give it a metallic shine. I used acrylic paint to age and rust everything and I added blood splatters and drips to the sword. Finally, we aged the actual costume with the airbrush on the "chain mail" parts and I tore and painted the hem to look like mud and blood splatters. We bought skeleton gloves which I had to take in to fit properly and then I painted them too.

I finally caved and bought a good set of face paints and had the wherewithal to try them out for the first time the *night before* Halloween. I learned a LOT about using them and I'm so glad I did it, because we had to get up at 5 the next morning and do it again for school. I used Wolfe paints with a sealer on top and I was totally impressed with how well it wore -- he made it through the entire day of school PLUS trick or treating without touch ups! Really impressive. He actually had a skull half mask that looked great on, but he couldn't wear it to school and his make up help up so well, we didn't use it for trick or treating. This was the first year he had friends who opted to not dress up and he was a bit disappointed with the too cool for Halloween energy, but he was happy with his costume and all he got a lot of great compliments. We went trick or treating with his 2 besties (one now attends a different school) that were totally dressed up all day and are just as goofy as he is and that helped a ton.

Trick or treating was fun! I never know why parents don't want to go, we always have such a great night. Our neighborhood is pretty amazing on Halloween. Most people sit outside to hand out candy and within 20 minutes, they usually have overflowing bags. There's a yearly block party nearby that everyone winds up at and a lot of adults get dressed up. I was a last minute Bride with pleated leggings, my grey biker jacket, and a silver spray streaked updo. Mat wore a mask and cloak and we went with a friend who was an amazing No Face from Spirited Away. He even had chocolate coins he handed out -- he stayed quiet and freaked a LOT of people out.

If you need us, call Mat's phone 👹💀🌚👻 Friends


Onward to los MuertosCollapse )
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Subject:eat it
Time:11:52 am
Momentum is a good thing.

We didn't get to see Box Trolls last weekend, but that's because we went shopping and visited friends and then went apple picking. Movies can wait.
We went to an amazing local shop to get things for our Day of the Dead party. Eye's Gallery is a South St. staple and owned by the local mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar and his wife. It is totally covered with art and absolutely filled to the brim with neat stuff. We got some papel picado banners and big sugar skull molds. I already got paper mache skulls and masks from the craft store to paint, so I actually think we have everything we need. We also went to a new orchard for apples and really liked it. They only have apples, so it was nice to not be overrun with pumpkins/pumpkin picking. We have a lot of apples. But we also have one of these so the kids make short work of them. They can and do eat whole apples with the skin, but when you offer someone an apple spiral, it is literally impossible for them to resist. They also get to have snacks in class, so I find them to be much easier to eat without drip/mess/core garbage. I also have some recipes planned.

Speaking of, I'm trying to change the way we eat. I don't think our habits are too terrible, but there's lots of room to rethink and improve and I've started using the All Recipes app and I love it. Our problem is that neither of us really love to cook and we both hate shopping, so often we put off deciding on meals till mid day and Mat  buy things on his walk home from work. That doesn't inspire creativity. I've found that I do much better when I have a good stock of ingredients and I can make the decision to try something new with things we already have. That's where the app helps -- I can search for recipes and then save them and it even has a grocery list option, so it makes it easy to keep track of what we do need. We also have a farm share, so that helps force us to try new things also. If I plan a bit ahead but leave room to try new stuff, I find I like cooking much better and can manage our busy after school/work time much better. I need to tackle breakfast next. I think I want to try some oatmeal bar recipes to have a quick grab option for the boys instead of cereal. Hot breakfasts will take more work... mornings are hectic here.

I've been trying to take a Halloweeny picture every day, but haven't quite succeeded. I've decided I'm ok with that. As much as I love October, I'm trying to keep this one low stress. So far, so good. I even redressed some dolls! Future pictures...

The tiniest game of Halloween eye spy Love is surprise skeletons!

Hay Eye's Gallery

#31dayshalloween Butternut squash muffins making me feel all fall and cozy
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Subject:a neighborly day in the beauty wood
Time:10:50 am
We've been sick. We, meaning Gideon, then Mat, then me. It's just a head cold and bit of fever, it hasn't really grounded any of us, but it is sure making me sleeeeeepy. Toby doesn't get sick. He licks everything and is always dirty so he has a pretty badass immune system. Also, he always has a deep raspy voice. At open house, his teacher told Mat she loves his deep masculine voice. Ha, what?

I am editing pictures as I type. I sent the doll off to Australia! I am nervous and excited. I had to pack her without her crown or cape on, and I braided her hair, so I'm nervous about her being displayed correctly. (I included a note with instructions, I think it is pretty straightforward.) I also made a custom stand I'm stoked on, but I'm worried about that making the trip too.

Custom base them bones...


These are just quick phone pics. I have better shots that I think I'll put up closer to the show.

I have another Calavera Blythe on my table that I'm hoping to finish by next week and sell directly. I have some fun ideas for her, I think she'll  glow in the dark and in a lantern. We'll see if I can make that work. Also! I had another idea for a custom Blythe, on a chubby body and covered with tattoos. It's super cute in my head.

October is like a shot of adrenaline for me.  I spent yesterday cleaning the studio so I can reset a bit and it is glorious. I've also decorated, of course. We've officially announced to friends that the party will be on Dia de los Muertos and everyone seems really excited, which is great. I am thrilled that I do not have to worry much about costumes for me and Mat and can focus on the boys for Halloween. I'm even gonna make friend craft nights out of decoration prep, so we'll make papel picado and paint some papier-mâché skulls and won't need to do much else besides cook/bake. This year the boys' Halloween costumes are even easy. Gideon wants to be a skeleton knight so I am sort of leaving it in his/Mat's hands and I'll help them build/paint whatever is needed. (Not sure if we're buying or modding or making armor yet.) Toby wants to be the tenth Doctor Who, so he gets another suit and a sonic screwdriver and he will wear them both out far beyond Halloween, so I don't mind buying it all. (He wanted to be the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz until he realized that if he was the Dr. he'd get a "real" sonic screwdriver and a new suit. He's been wearing his *other* suit and using a flashlight.) Dr. Who is his new obsession. It's all about the fashion for him.

I want to go see the Box Trolls this weekend and I want to watch scary movies. Have you seen the opening for the next season of AHS? AMAZING. It's all so on the nose that I'm worried I won't like this season. I probably will though. I am easy to please.

Last weekend we went to a sewing birthday party for our friend Rodney (at a sew shop, and we made fanny packs, it was totally amazing) and I met an atist who is working on a small stop motiong film. Why aren't I? Let's address that, world.

I hope you are well. It is Friday and it is October, there's always that. <3
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